How To Replace Kinguser With SuperSU App [Method 2]

Rooting android phone with KingRoot is very easy and you can root any android device within a minute as this process is very easy but KingRoot app doesn’t use “SuperSu” App as a superuser access management tool. It uses it’s own app called “Kinguser”, also with this app it installs one another chinese app called “KingMaster”.

As many of the users don’t like to use “Kinguser” and “KingMaster” on their device as they are unknown apps for android user and many users are habitat of using “SuperSu” app as it is most preferable app used after rooting android device. So if you want to get rid and uninstall/replace “Kinguser” with “SuperSu” App, we will show you how to replace it and get rid of  “Kinguser” by 2 methods.

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Method 2

Step 1 : Download SuperSU-Me app to your Android device. Once downloaded, tap on the apk file to install it in your device. Once the application is installed, tap on the App icon to launch it. While doing so, the app will ask for root permission. Just “Grant” it.

Step 2 : In the SuperSU-Me screen, press the big blue button to begin the replacing process i.e., the process to replace Kinguser with SuperSU.

Step 3 : Once the replacing process is over, SuperSU app will automatically open up in your device.

Step 4 : Now, if you open up Apps Menu in your Android device, you won’t find Kinguser or any other related app. It will all be replaced by SuperSU app.

That’s it. Now you have successfully replaced Kinguser with SuperSU android app. We have shared another method for replacing Kinguser with SuperSU below. 

Method 2

If in case that you would like to uninstall Kinguser and unroot your Android device, follow our guide to remove Kinguser and Unroot Android device.